Video Surveillance (CCTV)

The most effective and affordable way of providing protection today is professional video surveillance. It isn't easy to name a sphere of activity where its presence did not justify itself. By improving continuously, video surveillance has achieved specific results in enhancing image quality, developing cloud servers, introducing various video analytics tools, and updating technologies requiring the Internet for remote access.
As a result of this development, modern video systems have gone beyond protection and security, taking over dispatching, controlling, and managing functions. Therefore, specific purposes and objectives influence the choice of the video surveillance system. To do this correctly, you must have information about new equipment and the latest developments, knowledge of their operation principles and conditions, and experience in design and commissioning. Therefore, only an expert-developed security complex can be called professional, demonstrating the work in line with the highest quality indicators.

Prices for installation, configuration, and maintenance of video surveillance systems*

List of Jobs
Deploying a video surveillance server
500 rubles
Configuring IP cameras for a video surveillance system
100 rubles
Installation of a video surveillance system
300 rubles
Setting up broadcasts
200 rubles
Deploying a website for a video surveillance system
200 rubles

*These prices are average and approximate since we work individually with each client. If you have any questions, need clarification on the full scope of work, or wish to become our client, we are waiting for your requests and will be happy to assist you in any way we can.