PCs and Servers

One of our specializations is the selection of PCs and servers for specific purposes. We can offer various workstation options based on the needs and budgets you can invest in a single workplace. We can also audit the internal work of the office and suggest the most profitable ways to reduce the enterprise costs for IT infrastructure. Our main goal is to reduce costs for businesses by optimizing equipment performance and improving the service quality.

Prices for audit, assembly, maintenance of PCs and servers*

List of Jobs
Assembly of PCs and workstations
500 rubles
Assembly of servers and server equipment
750 rubles
Audit of the company’s internal IT infrastructure
Free of charge
Optimization of PCs and workstations
650 rubles
Configuring Thin Clients
350 rubles
Selection of workstations for customer purposes
Free of charge
Selection of server equipment for customer purposes
Free of charge

*These prices are average and approximate since we work individually with each client. If you have any questions, need clarification on the full scope of work, or wish to become our client, we are waiting for your requests and will be happy to assist you in any way we can.