Modern large companies absolutely cannot function without telephone communication. There are many ways to deliver a voice message to a certain point globally, and PBX is a great way to transmit and receive voice channels. Modern office telephone exchanges have learned to process voice and video, converting analog communication into digital and vice versa. We are engaged in the scheme developments for the office PBX operation, providing selecting and configuring services of office telephone exchanges based on the client's needs.

Prices for telephony deployment, configuration, and optimization*

List of Jobs
Deployment of analog telephone exchanges
2000 rubles
Deployment of digital telephone exchanges
1000 rubles
Configuring IP telephony over the SIP protocol
500 rubles
Configuring mixed telephony
1500 rubles
Combining several offices into one corporate telephone network
2000 rubles
Developing a telephony strategy for the organization
1000 rubles
Optimization of telephone expenses
Free of charge

*These prices are average and approximate since we work individually with each client. If you have any questions, need clarification on the full scope of work, or wish to become our client, we are waiting for your requests and will be happy to assist you in any way we can.