RobotNET Project

Project RobotNET

Our flagman Project RobotNET is the primary administrative tool for daily work with our clients. Since we are a peer-to-peer platform, RobotNET functioning is based on software modules. Its creation and implementation occur evolutionarily, based on our personal experience in managing IT infrastructure. Among the leading tools, it is worth noting the remote desktop management (RoboDesktop), file synchronization (RoboDrive), TCP/UDP traffic proxying (RoboProxy), IT infrastructure control (RoboPerimetr.NET), etc. The possibilities of using and expanding the platform are impressive. You can use RobotNET as a self-sufficient product and create your own add-ons/extensions using existing SDKs and APIs. You can also use the core of the platform in your existing projects. We are constantly expanding the RobotNET capabilities, and you are welcome to use our experience to extend the boundaries of your opportunities.

You can always find us on the RobotNET Project website.